Incorporation of CVTech-IBC Inc.


Listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange as CVTech Group Inc. (TSX: CVT) and initial public offering.


Acquisition of Thiro ltée (now Thirau ltée), a company engaged in the construction and maintenance of electricity transmission lines, distribution lines, power houses and substations, founded in 1952.


Acquisition of Atelier Adrien Bernard inc., a company engaged in the rebuilding of crankshafts and cylinders, plating of cylinders, rebuilding of industrial motors and sale of engine parts.


Acquisition of Riggs Distler & Company, Inc., a U.S. company providing construction and maintenance services to the public utility and heavy industrial markets, founded in 1909.


Establishment of Riggs Distler Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary based in Ontario, to exploit market opportunities in that province.

Sale of the business of the CVT Systems and Related Products sector.


Acquisition of B.G. High Voltage Systems Limited, a supplier of electrical services based in Ontario.


Merger of Thirau LLC and U.S. operations under the unified banner of Riggs Distler & Company, Inc.

Adoption of the name NAPEC Inc. (TSX: NPC)


Acquisition of Bemis, LLC, a U.S. company providing major utility companies in the U.S. Northeast with construction and maintenance services for electricity transmission and distribution networks, as well as environmental construction and road matting services.

Divestiture of J.J.L. Déboisement inc.


Merger of Quebec and Ontario operations into Thirau Inc.

Acquisition of PCT Contracting LLC, a U.S. company providing turnkey solutions to utility service providers and industrial companies, with a key expertise in the installation, maintenance and repair of natural gas infrastructure in the New York area.

Safety first

NAPEC, through its subsidiaries, is committed to continuously improving its work safety practices and makes every effort to eliminate risks arising from its activities. It strives to improve the working conditions of its employees and actively promotes a culture of health and safety.