Code and Policies


Information Disclosure Policy and Procedure

The Information Disclosure Policy and Procedure is intended to ensure that information is communicated in timely fashion and that it is accurate, factual and in compliance with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

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Insider Trading Policy

The Insider Trading Policy sets out rules and procedures to prevent illicit insider trading and to ensure that directors, officers and employees of the Corporation, as well as individuals or bodies corporate related to or controlled by them, act, and be perceived as acting, in compliance with the applicable laws and the highest ethical standards.

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Whistleblowing Policy

The Whistleblowing Policy sets out the procedure by which any problem, concern or complaint regarding corporate fraud, accounting, accounting controls or auditing may be raised in good faith without fear of any reprisal whatever.

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The Human Resources Policy is NAPEC commitment towards its employees. NAPEC is respectful of the individual and interested in having an organizational capacity that will enable it to meet its business objectives. The employee contributes to the business results of NAPEC.

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The Compensation Policy is NAPEC commitment to have a competitive compensation policy within its financial capacity and the applicable legal requirements. The employee must act at all times in accordance with the values and rules of NAPEC.

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The Information Technology Policy is NAPEC commitment to have adequate and end user friendly information technology deployed allowing employees and interested third parties to work in a compelling information technology environment. This will be balanced between functionality, business requirements, and cost.

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